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York-Adams USBC Youth Tournaments

The York-Adams USBC will conduct three annual youth tournaments each year, plus an optional All Events
2016-2017- Optional All Events

This event will offer scholarships. Divisions are based on the same criteria as the Singles Tournament. The bowler must enter prior to the doubles tournament and must bowl in each of the three tournaments listed below. 1st scores bowled in each of the events below, plus handicap will determine the standings in this event.  All-Events Entry Form

Youth Tournament Dress Code Policy (PDF)


This tournament is held in December of each year. There are four Divisions in the event, with the oldest bowler determining the division of the pair.




This tournament is held the end of January, beginning of February each year. There are three Divisions in the event with Handicap and Scratch awards.. The combined averages of the team members determine the division.

Tournament Dates:
January 27 & 28 2018

February 3 & 4 2018

Tournament Held At:
South Hanover Lanes
1767 Baltimore Pike

Hanover, PA 17331

2018 Youth Team Results


This is a scholarship tournament event and is held the end of March, beginning of April each year. There are eight Divisions in the event, four for boys and four for girls. The age of the entrant determine the division.

This tournament awards over $7,000 in scholarships each year. The event is named after Calvin Campbell, one of the founding members of the York Youth Association.

2018 Singles Results